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Earning credit through cloud subscription sales

How to earn credit2.jpgHow do I earn credit through cloud subscription sales?

Partners are critical to supporting customers not only in the initial transactions but also throughout deployment and ongoing customer support. It’s important that you get recognized for your role and that all partners involved in a cloud subscription receive benefits.

In this post, we’ll tell you about the ways to earn credit through cloud subscriptions. Start by watching the introduction video and be sure to check out the three key takeaways at the end of the post for a quick summary.

What is a Digital Partner of Record (DPOR)?

A Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) association is the ability to attach a specific partner to a customer’s Microsoft on-line subscription.

The Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) is the partner helping the customer design, build, deploy or manage a solution that they’ve built on any Microsoft cloud subscription. In short, DPOR allows you to get credit for ongoing support of a cloud subscription. It also gives you access to valuable information necessary to fully support customers which benefits them too!

What are the benefits of DPOR?

Speaking of benefits, there are several reasons both partners and customers should utilize the DPOR association. As a partner, it allows you to qualify for MPN cloud competencies, earn incentives, and enables reporting that provides a single view into revenue, usage, and consumption. This insight can be leveraged for cross-sell or upsell opportunities. It allows you to proactively engage customers to optimize their cloud purchase and consumption.

Customers benefit because it provides their partner with access to performance and usage data, so their partner can provide better service to them and help optimize their consumption to achieve their desired business outcomes.

For a full list of benefits and other information, download the FAQs here.

How can a partner designate me as the DPOR?

Download the step by step guides found here or watch the videos below to help your customers associate you as the DPOR:

  • For attaching a DPOR for Microsoft Office 365, CRM Online, Dynamics 365, AX7, Intune, and EMS, watch this video.
  • For attaching a DPOR for Azure, watch this video.

For additional support, customers can use the support link on the left navigation pane of the Office 365 admin portal screen. For specific questions on Azure, customers can follow the Azure Support link.


How to earn credit2.jpgPartner association

You might be wondering about other ways to earn credit even if you aren’t the DPOR for a customer.  We know your partnership matters, so even if you are not listed as the DPOR on a cloud subscription, you can still leverage the benefits of being an associated partner. Any partner involved in a cloud subscription (as listed below) can use the usage and consumption data to earn credit towards achieving a cloud competency:

  • Transacting partners as reported in Microsoft Internal Sales Systems for the on-line service (includes all online services)
  • Partners who have been granted Delegated Administrator privileges on seat based subscriptions
  • Partners that are delivering FastTrack services to customers
  • Azure ISV partners via the Deal Registration Process

Though these partner association methods do allow partners to use credits to attain cloud competencies, keep in mind that DPOR is still the only path to qualify for incentives.

What about Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners?

We talked about harnessing the ever growing cloud business in our last post on the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Although DPOR functionality is not enabled for CSP, CSP partners do still receive the same benefits for their involvement. Benefits include:

  • Automatic recognition for consumption and usage
  • Consumption and usage will count towards a partner’s cloud competency attainment
  • Eligibility to earn incentives on CSP usage and consumption

For more details on specific partner incentives, visit the membership site.

3 key takeaways on DPOR

  1. DPOR stands for Digital Partner of Record. It’s the way customers can designate the partner who is providing ongoing support in a cloud subscription.
  2. DPOR is beneficial to both partners and customers. Read the FAQs to find out how.
  3. Partner Association methods are available for all partners involved in a subscription. They can help partners achieve a competency faster but DPOR is the only path to qualify for incentives.

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