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Discussion Question: How did you become a part of MPC?

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Microsoft Partner Community is made for partners, and depends on active and engaged users.

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Tell us how you became a part of MPC, and how it has positively impacted your business practice!

1.What is one thing that you’ve learned from MPC?

2.What is one resource/feature you wished was available through MPC?


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MPC is great! We really enjoy being part of this community and learning from the partners.

1. About different points of view from other partners in diverse topics and different materials or resources available for all partners!

2. To learn more about the partners current work and how we can collaborate.

Let's keep this community growing!


I love the MPC! It's a great community and a great place for partners to interact!

Answers to your questions...

  1. I've gained insights from other partners and also enjoyed helping others!
  2. Being able to not repeat login several times a day - would like the login to be 'forever' (like Facebook and Linkedin).


Keep up the great work! Let's grow this community!


Regards, Per