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Cannot access software benefits - One additional step is needed to validate your account.


I'm unable to access my benefits and keys from the partner portal. I have implemented all the MFA/AD Security Requirements but I still get the error below. Please could somebidy assist me.


I have been a partner for many years and never had this issue.






We are unable to validate your request at this point of time.
One additional step is needed to validate your account. Our account team is on standby and ready to help you. Please contact us with this reference number: 715-123160 and transaction ID: 624d4e3b-0553-4733-9b11-35089a16832d.

Community Manager

@Daniel-MagMat Good day,


Please see the response here.


Thank you,


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Same here. Have anyone already solve this issue and could please advice? 

Community Manager

Hi @tobimax ,


Thank you for your message!

In this case I believe the best is to submit a case via our online submission process, if you haven’t already done so, using the reference number: 715-123160 and transaction ID: 624d4e3b-0553-4733-9b11-35089a16832d.

Please note we’re currently experiencing delays in responding to support requests.


Thank you for your patience and understanding,


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Hi Andra

Thanks for coming back to me. I already have logged a case and I'm getting no support and the complete run-around since the 10th of March with no proper reasons except "does not meet security requirements" and no help to fix the issue or why it had happened.

I think (but not sure) it is because of the MFA restrictions on the partner tenant in which I have set all users to enforced. Now the support representative is refusing to help because they say it won't make any difference.


It's as though you get one chance - you failed, we are not telling why and your never allowed back! Oh, and BTW you can't talk to us either.


Hence it's why I'm posting here hoping someone sensible from MS can help me resolve my access issues and allow me to access my software benefits for which I have paid for.



Community Manager

Hi @tobimax ,


Thanks for clarifying. I just sent you a direct message, please check.

I am also not sure this is related to MFA requirements, however the topic remains open to users and SMEs that might have encountered this issue in the past, to advise.


Have a good day ahead,



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Not great is it. 1 month chasing the same issue. Still no acceptable response from MS. What are the  Microsoft systems or security criteria? How do we comply if we do not know what they are ?


I have been a partner for 10 years and this how you get treated now. Why are partner relatioships being thrown down the toilet?






I hope this email finds you well.


This is in response to Service Request XXXXXXXXXXX regarding to the error you received after trying to activate your software benefits.


I regret to inform you that as per them your access will not be reactivated as it does not satisfy Microsoft systems or security criteria. Please be aware of the fact that raising new support cases for this issue won't change the communicated outcome. Hence we will be closing this ticket now.


Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

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Was this ever resolved for you?  I got the same message today from support.