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BizSpark to Startups Transition Issues

Hi @Raj , 

We recently graduated BizSpark, but are having an issue with the transition.  We cannot accept our 'BizSpark Graduation Offer' because the checkboxes are permanently disabled, even after opening all the links.  See attached screenshot.  Could you please advise on how to proceed?

For constructive feedback, consolidating our mulitple BizSpark free accounts into a single paid account took dozens of hours across three weeks working directly with Azure support.  We have remote/international developers who not have access to our corporate credit cards, and Azure support was requiring them to enter our credit cards into their accounts, and there was no workaround forcing us to send sensitive financial information.  We were forced to migrate or rebuild almost all our services under a single account that we can securely enter payment information for.  This transition cost us thousands of dollars in human labor.  Please consider this scenario with your transition planning.