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Application Development GOLD - Product Qualification Test



We've been an App Dev Gold partner for about 10 years now, through the certified product requirement.


Our competency will be over on November 30th, and looking for the PlarformReady web site and the test tool - we came up blank. They're both gone.


Could you direct us to the proper web site to get the current test tool?



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Same situation, precisely.   We have to assess (quickly) which teams can run without MSFT tooling.


Hi Everyone,


Thank you for sharing this situation with the Community.


Each Partner has a unique business and therefore unique needs. 

In this case I highly recommend you to create a support ticket at one of our support channels, each case is different and our experts will help you and provide the accurate guidance and resolution.

Please follow this link and select the topics below to be redirected to the right team.`.png










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Same situation here. Tested product + customer references for many years. From looking through the new Partner Center, the clearest path to a Gold status again appears to be the Windows & Devices competency (4 individuals must pass an assessment), which we've now completed, but apparently that only gives us the 10 Gold Core Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions, and we need more than that (we had 10 + 25 for the Application Development competency). So we're still trying to figure this out. Right now, I'm looking at maybe trying to complete the DevOps competency, which should net us another 5 Visual Studio Enterprise licenses, which I think should be enough for us.

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I'm looking for Application Development GOLD Partner in the Czech Republic to exchange experience with certification on September 30, 2019.


Hi @IvanP,


I suggest that you contact Dvořák Jan, (Jan.Dvorak@gopas.cz), as he might be able to help you. Gopas is a great partner in Czech Rep.


Regards, Per

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I see due to the public out cry Microsoft reverted the IUR changes:



If only they would listen to the partners still being stung by them dropping tested products.


I have no issue with them dropping tested products

I have an issue with them not telling us or giving us any warning and then just leaving us out in the cold while our dev''s work towards certs.

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Our org is in same boat.  Gold partner under Application Development for 10 years, but have not been able to even determine what exams are required for the MCSD: App Builder track per the conflicting/confusing information on the their training portal (see:  https://trainingsupport.microsoft.com/en-us/mcp/forum/all/mcsd-app-builder-confusing-requirements/4b78a363-2791-44ba-914f-3248941817c2).

Is anyone at Microsoft looking into these issues?  Has anyone had any guidance from MS Partner program itself?

(Currently, I have been waiting in the partner support chat queue for 1.5 hours, with the following status: We are experiencing higher than normal wait times. Thanks for your patience. You're still in line for chat. )


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We are in the same boat.

Been a gold application developer for many years now.

I have had conflicting information.

A lady on the chat told me to certify our app using:https://commercialappcertification.microsoft.com

But of course as many of you know.. for the past 2-3 years the "Add Tested Product" section of the PMC page has been broken. It would say the tested product has expired so you would have to get the "back end" team to just "Pre-Approve" The gold Application Development competency for you.

So we did that and then when I tried to get the "back end" team to fix it up I was advised that they can no longer do the old process of just "pre-approving" as the button is disabled as of Janurary this year. 

So now we are $500USD out of pocket for a certificiation that is useless.

We are also stuck and our partnership is just going to expire as we don't have time to get the MCSD.



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So has anyone managed to find a work around or get any sort of help from Microsoft?

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We're in the same boat.    We've been a Gold AD partner for many years.    I've just migrated the partner account from the old MPN portal, which stated that we were good to renew, once we migrated.    The same day, the 17th, the new portal originally indicated that we could renew after the anniversary date.

Today (Jan 21st), it indicates that we cannot renew, and any mention of the product qualification requirement is missing.

Any guidence at all will be appreciated.


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Got a hint to think about switching from Application Developer competency to DevOps competency.

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I am also interested to know if there was any response to this.

We have been Gold/Silver Partners for many years and I also found out that the requirements are changed. We now require two members of the team to take exams etc. There isn't time before the renewal and there is also the possibility of staff turn-over etc.

I preferred the system of product certification and customer references that were there in the past.

I tried to ask for help in the Partner Center but have not had a response yet.

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I am also interested in this topic. Our partnership runs out in march and I cannot see how we can reprofile. We certified our application. Is this no longer possible? I got no information if this is no longer a possible way to qualify for GOLD competency.

Thanks for any help!


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We are also in the same boat. We've been a Gold partner for a number of years.

It seems like the requirements have changed, but I can find no official announcement about it...

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Did you get a response or find a solution? My Gold AppDev competency is also due for renewal in a couple of months and can't seem to find that product certification is still an option.