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Your checklist to make the most of Satya Nadella’s talk on December 3rd

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Unprecedented speed of action is needed to tackle the period we are in. Businesses that are able to manage these challenging times posed by the pandemic can consider themselves resilient. What are the right tools and assets to have to continue taking high paced decisions needed in the world of tomorrow?

Data and analytics are critical in building further resilience and agility. On December 3rd learn from the leaders of the industry how to finish your fiscal year with the right tools and make 2021 your year.


Step 1: register to the event Shape Your Future with Azure Data and Analytics

Shape Your Future with Azure Data and Analytics

The topics for Thursday:

  • Get guidance from industry leaders and customers on how to develop a strategic view of your analytics initiatives and create a framework for implementing successful solutions.
  • Be the first to learn about the new Azure data governance service and take an in-depth look at how it works together with Azure Synapse Analytics to provide a unified, end-to-end platform for data and analytics.
  • Follow demos to see how the native integration of Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics accelerates time to insight and helps you enforce security and compliance requirements.
  • Ask questions and get expert answers during live Q&A.


Step 2: Get to know Azure

To get the most out of the event we compiled a set of videos and documentation to quick-start your journey. How can data analytics help you create your new operating models for this new quick operation cadence in your sustainable organization of tomorrow? The goal is not only to survive but to thrive and to capture opportunities as they arise.



Here are the right YouTube channels for you to keep an eye on (tip: subscribe to them to always be up to date)

Here is the Microsoft Cloud channel where you will find the latest products and solution news, demos and training for Windows Server, SQL Server, Enterprise Mobility & Security, IoT, and Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure - YouTube


Tips and tricks:

Recent announcements:

Azure Synapse:


Facilitating insights by enabling intelligence and machine learning while being integrated into one unified experience has become effortless with Azure Synapse. Data administrators, data scientists, and business analysts can now work together using the same analytics while having their favorite tools integrated. All of this incorporated with unmatched security and unbounded scalability. Read more here.


Text documentation:

Data and intelligence will drive insightful actions to accelerate business and to gain the right competitive advantages.

Get to Know Azure | Microsoft Azure

Further, start learning more in depth what and how it can work for you:

What is the SQL Server IaaS Agent extension? - SQL Server on Azure VM | Microsoft Docs

The benefits of Azure Hybrid:  

Azure Hybrid Benefit—hybrid cloud | Microsoft Azure


Step 3:

Attend the event and get inspired. There is a Q&A, open your OneNote: start writing your questions down to have them ready.


Step 4:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our partners and your person of contact within Microsoft. 




Get started with Azure Synapse?



If you don't have an Azure account already, get instant access and $200 credit by signing up for your Azure free account.


Sign-in to your Azure account to create an Azure Synapse workspace with this simple tutorial.



Go to the Knowledge center inside the Azure Synapse Studio to immediately create or use existing Spark and SQL pools, connect to and query Azure Open Datasets, load sample scripts and notebooks, access pipeline templates, and take a tour.