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Have you heard about our Workload Cafés and want to know more about this magnificent initiative? 

Keep reading! 
The first edition took place on the 16th and 17th of September 2021. This event was dedicated to our Partners, our aim was to create a connection between them and the Microsoft Belux team. The digital event was divided into 4 different sessions, each session lasted a duration of 30 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A about each different workload. These workloads include Apps & Infrastructure, Data & AI, BizApps and Modern Work & Security. 


The goal in these first sessions was to explain to our Partners in a practical way what our workloads consisted of and what application they could use in their organization. The first session concentrated on Apps & Infrastructure, where we presented the Business Priorities for FY22 and Business Objectives for FY22.  We also presented some of our solutions and discussed how our products can help improve Partners consumer’s journey.  


At the second session on November 16th, we spoke about Data and AI, presenting the FY22 Priorities for this workload, one of them being innovating with AI. We closed the first day with the idea of “Cloud is no longer a place; it is a model”. 

Moving on to our second day of Workload Cafés. We started the day with a session on BizApps, where once again we presented our FY22 Business Priorities as well as our FY22 Business Objectives and the different focus areas. 

We discussed how Data can improve different areas, such as suppliers, assets, operations and more.  

Finally, and as the last session of this first edition, we have Modern Work & Security. We start the session with MWP where we present the current state of the business giving a little context, and what is coming next in FY22. We discussed Security Top-of-Minds and Partner Go Dos as well as what they should do to start working on this workload. 

All the sessions provided by our fantastic team of experts were an extremely useful way to present some of our solutions to our Partners and discuss further how beneficial these can be to their organization.  

If all of this sounds of interest to you and your organization, why not register for the upcoming sessions taking place on January 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st, 2022. These sessions will concentrate on: 


Apps and Infra: We will discuss some of GitHub product features like repositories & actions in a technical session to showcase how this can be integrated to current and future projects and what benefits lies behind.  


Modern Work: Join us to discover more in-depth capabilities of Teams calling as well as our new Partner Connect and why you should increase your focus on it in the upcoming months.  


Security, Compliance & Identity: In this session, you will get insights as to how to collaborate with our Security teams to unlock all the potential of your current opportunities and accelerate your projects.  


Data and AI: In this session we will deep dive a little and talk about Cosmos BD and how helpful this solution can be. 


BizApps: Upskilling and partner recognition are at the center of this session: Certifications, Advanced Specialization, PCI, Partner Offers and more. We will walk you through the content available to you to differentiate yourself and do more with Dynamics 365 & Power Platform.  


Expect hand-picked content to help you drive your business with Microsoft and take advantage of the 15min Q&A at the end of each call.  


Please find registration to all sessions here.  


We look forward to seeing you there!