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Microsoft Cloud Sales Academy || August-September 2021

Hello Partner Community!


The Cloud Sales Academy  is here!


The Cloud Sales Academy is a deep dive training on how to sell Azure with a specific focus on 3 different sales plays - Azure Virtual Desktop, Cloud Native Apps and Azure Synapse Analytics.


We're hosting six trainings across these Sales Plays, each one focusing on this years Key Points. Visit the links below to find further details and agendas on each session:


Leverage the cloud as a driver for client innovation - 6/09/2021

Learn about the new way of doing business, developing stronger relationships, and achieving more by building a modern, client-centric GTM engine in your organization. 


Tap into the sales opportunity of Microsoft Azure  - 7/09/2021

Learn about the sales scenarios, tap into the sales opportunity of Microsoft Azure Services, and turn client objections into your value propositions


Advance your business with modern apps - 8/09/2021 

Learn about Cloud native, the new paradigm of application development that is driving the rapid rise of new digitally native businesses, whilst also disrupting traditional business models and different industry sectors.


Remote desktop experience from anywhere - 9/09/2021  

Learn how Azure Virtual Desktop enables organizations to control their data and applications, reduce management overheads, and achieve significant cost advantages, while allowing employees to access these resources from their own devices without compromising on security and control.


Azure synapse - limitless analytics in the cloud - 10/09/2021

Learn how Azure Synapse Analytics can deliver insights from all your data, across data warehouses and big data analytics systems, with blazing speed and in a secure way.


Customer success management with consumption planning - 13/09/2021 

Learn about the building blocks of a good consumption plan, how to manage its execution, and what the key people and roles are involved in the process.


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