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Join us for our November OpenHacks!

Hello Partner Community!


Join us this month for our DevOps, Containers and App Modernization with NoSQL OpenHacks! Click the registration links below to secure your place, learn more about each event and pre-requisites for learners:


  1. 9 - 11 November: DevOps OpenHack - Register now
  2. 16 - 18 November: Containers OpenHack - Register now
  3. 30 November – 2 December: App Modernization with NoSQL OpenHack - Register now

OpenHack is a highly interactive program which brings together groups of developers to learn how to implement a given solution. This is not your traditional workshop environment - You will be in the driver’s seat and will work in a team-based environment to solve a real-world scenario. At OpenHack, you will be the developer at a fictional company tasked with building a complex technical solution, where your new teammates and you will have to work through each piece of the puzzle together to unlock the next challenge. OpenHack is a catalyst for technical roles to get from “knowing” to “doing” in strategic Microsoft technology solution areas.


Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, learn, and participate in an interactive team environment! If you have any questions about the virtual experience please contact us at openhackwe@microsoft.com.





We look forward to supporting you on your Microsoft learning journey!