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Don't forget to renew your Microsoft Certification

Hello Partner Community, 


Is your certification expiring in the next six months? You are eligible to take the renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn for free. 


Technology is moving fast. Closing the skills gap can help your team optimize and stay focused on what's ahead, rather than constantly playing tech catch up. That's why it's important to keep Microsoft Certifications active. Here's everything you need to know about renewing your certification. 


💡 Renew without taking exam(s). When certified members are eligible to renew, they can take an online assessment at their own time for free. 


💡 Validate relevant skills. With this new frictionless renewal process, your will be in the know with the most current technology updates. 


💡 Keep certifications at no cost. Support your continuous learning mindset while reducing the stress, complexity, and cost of maintaining active certifications. 



Follow the steps if you want to renew your certification: 

  1. Head to the Certification Dashboard.
  2. Connect your certification profile with your Docs profile on Microsoft Learn.
  3. Prepare with free, self-paced learning modules on Microsoft Learn.
  4. Pass the renewal assessment before the certification expires.


Embracing a growth mindset and the need for continuous learning can help you optimize, successfully perform in job roles, and stay ahead to support your organization’s digital and cloud transformation. With a renewed Microsoft Certification – globally recognized and industry-endorsed evidence of mastered real world skills – you will also be able to demonstrate your proficiency in keeping pace with technology.


Need more information? Check out the overview page and FAQs for renewing Microsoft Certifications. 





We look forward to supporting you on your Microsoft learning journey!