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Digital transformation workshops: one unique Microsoft cloud

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Where are you in your digital transformation?


Our goal is to help you visualize where you are and what you can achieve.

It will offer a clear picture of what workshops to follow depending on your area of interest plus how they are all interconnected.
Don't forget to click on the links in each section to get an overview on all the sessions to come.

Microsoft offers what no one else can: A unique comprehensive cloud for your digital transformation.


What does that mean?

From top to bottom, you will see that Microsoft leads in every area.


All of it has one common, consistent back architecture: one compliance security identity portal management. There is a foundation of integrated, comprehensive security and compliance offerings.​The Microsoft Cloud is based around Trust: in addition to building security into our entire platform, we put Privacy at the center of our innovations. We believe data is owned by our customers. We never compete with our customers or monetize their data.



On top of our worldwide network of data storage centers, we have the Azure intelligence platform and application platform. The creation of value from data with the cognitive services and AI capabilities: from insights to action.

For instance, in the industry for maintenance, that helps flip of business process from reactive to a proactive approach. That is thanks to data but furthermore insights and predictions created from it.


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On top of that, we have Microsoft Power Platform allowing anyone to create application and business processes and allowing to connect with data and insight.


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On top of it, we have the known Microsoft 365: helping you to collaborate, communicate, and create Dynamics 365 enables you to do it across marketing, sales, operation, financial, etc.


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You can also look at it downwards: if one capability cannot be achieved by one, you can go down and tackle it with the opportunity that the rest offers. Their native integration enables you to get such performance: helping you to achieve what you want to do.


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