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What happened to the FREE E1?

Moving a non profit over to CSP so its more cost effective and just found out that the free O365E1 licenses for staff are no longer available, on further review it looks like it was removed at the end of Sept 21 from not only CSP but all catalogs.

Current Non Profit customer has 2000 of these they use for various reasons and now they will have to pay ~$ 2 USD per seat. 
Searched the catalog and see nothing replacing these, has anyone one else seen this and what did you do for your non profit to assist?

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Level 3 Contributor

For some reason I don’t have access to that link



Hi Steve, Thanks for the question.


The recordings and content are in a gated forum on this community that you need to specifically join, in addition to being signed in to the overall community platform.


If you navigate to the main community page here, and click on 'Partner Readiness' :



you will then need to click on the 'Join' button that is within the picture banner across the top of the screen.


This will send a request to us, and then we can let you in.


We do this as the Partner Communities are indexable by search engines and publicly accessible. Hence having gated content for our partners provides a way to share information like our community calls etc.


I hope this helps you get there.



Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact