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Teams... do my users really need it?

YES! Smiley Very Happy


I was asked a question this week by a partner which got me to looking up an unmanaged charity account to see how they were using Office 365.


Looking at the trend data I noticed that they've clearly seen their Teams usage kick-off and I suspect its because of their interest in document sharing and collaboration.  I say this because note how Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business are static, and then someone starts using Teams and they grow from 2 to over 100 users in 60 days.

TEAMS Usage.jpg

Driving the use of Teams AND SharePoint when prior to that they had little to none!


What are your experiences of Charities making use of Teams?




Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact

Everyone can benefit from Teams - here's a recent article that I wrote: https://rcpmag.com/blogs/guest-blog/2019/08/5-ways-to-build-a-teams-partner-business.aspx



Regards, Per

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Agreed, Teams is a great tool and drives consumption organically largely because the UX is so good.  I also think that the VOIP/IM enablement is a huge driver for use!