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Nonprofit licenses and Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP)

To attain a Solutions Partner designation, you must earn 70 points across the three categories listed in the following table. These categories are:
  • Performance​: Measured by net customer adds.
  • Skilling​: Demonstrates your dedication to skilling and training with intermediate and advanced certifications.
  • Customer Success​: Measured by usage growth and the number of solution deployments.


My question is will paid and granted licenses go towards the new designation and competencies for the MCPP in terms of usage and deployment etc?


Would a new charity customer on granted licenses with no paid for licenses still count as a net new customer add?








The latest from the MCPP team is the below statement that you can access in the program FAQ's


Does the work I am doing with government, education and nonprofit customers count towards my partner capability score?
We are currently working on changes to ensure partners are being credited with work they are doing with education and nonprofit customers. We do not have timing on this work and will share an update when we have more information. We are also investigating whether it is possible to include work with government customers. We expect the government credit to take longer and will share an update when we have new information.

Ian Drew
Microsoft - Tech for Social Impact

Hi Ian,
We currently have some education customers that are contributing a negative count towards our Modern work SMB O365 Usage score.
I've been advised by MCPP support that they cannot do anything.
I completely appreciate that education customers dont count towards O365 usage, but i dont see how it makes sense that they can contribute a negative score, particularly when these customers are actually growing!

Can you help?


Thanks Janosch, any more detail would be great.



I know that currently for Modern Work those won't appear, but the team is working on it. For charity/non-profit customers that have workloads eligible for 

Azure designations, BizApps, and Security (Azure path), they should be counted already. 
Will try to get more information on free grant-only customers.
Kind regards, Janosch
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Is there any update on when those MW licenses might appear? Any updates would be great.


Kind regards 




Just an FYI the "how can we help" at Nonprofit offers (microsoft.com) support team has been updated.  Feel free to also contact them with your nonprofit questions.   

Benefits of the change:  

  • We have agents in multiple different time zones available to provide more timely responses and resolutions 
  • You will have a ticket number to track each issue submitted 
  • You will be able to provide feedback on every issue 
  • You will be able to confirm the resolution of every issue