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Leonard Cheshire’s digital transformation journey: Growing pains, early wins and what’s to come

Nonprofit organizations often look to their colleagues across the sector on how best to design and navigate their own digital transformation. This is not always the case in other industries (take Retail for example – can you imagine Walmart and Amazon sharing tech insights / best practices? Or for that matter, the Financial Sector?). In Tech for Social Impact (TSI), we want to connect nonprofits and foster these conversations, and love it when a nonprofit steps up and is willing to share their journey. And not just in a case study when the project is said and done, but as the transformation is happening. How are they kicking off the project? What are they learning along the way? Who is involved and what early impact are they seeing? How are they ramping up for future phases?


Thus, we are excited to share the first installment of our “living blog” on Leonard Cheshire’s digital transformation journey. Authored by Erik Arnold, this first chapter takes us inside the organization’s decision to take on digital transformation in the first place and why moving their rostering system to Dynamics 365 is their first phase.


What are your stories of transformation within the nonprofit sector?