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Dynamics 365 Sales Insights integration with Fundraising and Engagement

I know that F&E is built on D365 Sales Enterprise; does it further leverage all the powerful features of Sales Insights as well? Lots of AI and ML features that I am sure development folks in nonprofits will enjoy so just curious. Thanks!


Alfred Selvarajah

CRM Enthusiast 


Hi Alfred!


How are you? I hope things are going well, it's been a while since we chatted. This is a great question, and I'll provide a tentative answer here for expediency, and then fact check myself. I know the standard features of Sales Insight are available as part of the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plan, which is the underlying SKU necessary for Fundraising and Engagement. These features should be available to use with Fundraising and Engagement. The Premium features would require additional SKU purchase. To read more about the difference between Sales Insights Standard and Sales Insights Premium, visit Overview of Sales Insights Add-in for Dynamics 365 Sales - Dynamics 365 AI | Microsoft Docs.

In terms of being able to leverage Sales Insights, Standard or Premium, I see no reason why a nonprofit or partner couldn't light these up for use with Fundraising and Engagement. This was a great question, and hopefully this provided the information you needed!




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Hey Greg,

Good to hear from you mate. Thanks for the response; this is useful.

To expand the use case further, I am interested in knowing whether we would be able to use the Sales Accelerator feature (available in Sales Insights Add-In/Sales Enterprise) within Fundraising and Engagement to enable development teams to have clear activities they need to be working on. The second use case is for conversation intelligence to identify if calls with donors/supporters are landing. 


From your response, sounds like it is possible. If you get more information about it, please share 🙂 Thanks again and let us talk soon?