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New commerce experience for Azure in CSP - Phase 1 is live & Phase 2 date announced

Sharing with you the announcement of the "go live" of Phase 1 of the changes we're making to the previous Azure offer availability in CSP (i.e. Azure Plan).

In January, we announced a three phase approach to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Azure plan in CSP:

Phase 1: All new Azure Cloud Solution Provider transactions will be on the new Azure offer (Azure plan). Live July 21st!!

Phase 2: Remove all incentives from previous Azure offer –1st February, 2022

Phase 3: Migrate all customers on legacy Microsoft Azure offer in CAP to new Azure offer (Azure plan). Timing TBD.

Below are links to updated partner resources for your reference.

Partner Readiness and Comms - Phase 1 live and Phase 2 (T-6months)


There also has been some enhancement in the existing Azure Subscription Transition tool which enables previous Azure offer in CSP subscriptions to transfer between partners while simultaneously transitioning those subscriptions to the new Azure offer (Azure plan). This enhancement has been long requested by partners and we're excited to improve the existing tooling to facilitate the move to the new Azure offer (Azure plan). The tool and process that partners need to take will remain the same as the partner-to-partner new Azure offer plan transfers. Find detailed information in the partner guide.