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Partner Transformation Updates

Communication and awareness of all upcoming changes for Partners.


CSP, Enterprise and Dynamics-Operation Readiness Monthly Community Calls & Collections

Operations Readiness - Monthly Community Calls (Global Registration Link)

May 2021 Community calls Registrations

Topics Covered during the sessions

Operations Readiness - Community Collections - May 2021 (FY21 - Q4 )

•CSP Fundamentals- May 2021


•CSP Q&A Community Call - May 2021

CSP Fundamentals-Microsoft Corporate (eventbuilder.com)


CSP Q&A Microsoft Corporate (eventbuilder.com)

•The Partner Business Operations team will deliver a CSP Fundamentals session to direct bill partners, to provide a simple step-by-step guidance to quickly enable partners to set up, managed and transact. 

•These sessions are dedicated to assist CSP Direct Bill and Indirect Partners with questions related to CSP launches and upcoming changes

May 2021 CSP Community Collection

•Enterprise Q&A Community Call

Enterprise Q&A Microsoft Corporate (eventbuilder.com)

•These sessions are dedicated to assist Enterprise Partners with questions related to launches and upcoming changes.

May Enterprise Community CollectionQ4

•Dynamics Q&A Community Call

Dynamics Q&A Microsoft Corporate (eventbuilder.com)

•Partner Community Session for Dynamics Partners. Agenda will contain announcements, updates and helpful refreshers.


Dynamics Community CollectionQ4


SMC Community Collection