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Power Platform Basic

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NOWC036 Power Platform Basic

We’re going to go through the business value of the Power Platform, what is the Power Platform, what are the components and how can the different components help businesses grow and make work life easier.
How to you sell this to your customers?

What do you need to think about when you talk with customers about the Power Platform?
Learn all about Dataverse and how the Common Data Model ties the Model-driven Power Apps together. When should you use which Power App. Did you know that there are three different Power Apps, and they’re all used differently, in this session we’ll go through all of them and you’ll learn how to utilize each of the Power Apps in the best possible way.

One way of making life easier for a company is to automate tedious tasks for them, Microsoft’s solution for this is Power Automate.
Everyone wants to build a chatbot, but how easy can it be, we’ll go through how you build smart bots with Power Virtual Agents.

Then it’s time to tie it all together with analyzing the data with Power BI.
Now that you know what the Power Platform is, it’s time to talk about how you can sell it. What are the unique selling points? How does this compare against selling for example Dynamics? How can you as an organization use the Power Platform to open doors to even more customers?

Module 1: Overview of the Power Platform
Module 2: Dataverse and data modelling
Module 3: Power Apps (Canvas, Model-driven and Portal)
Module 4: Power Automate
Module 5: Power Virtual Agents
Module 6: Power BI
Module 7: Selling the Power Platform

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