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Partner Skilling

Formações para parceiros para acelerar as suas competências


Formação de Parceiros em Destaque - Fevereiro


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Caros Parceiros, destacamos, por área de solução, as seguintes propostas de formação a decorrer em Janeiro


  • Apps & Infra: 

08/02-10/02: WEWC2456 Build and Manage Hybrid Cloud Native Solutions anywhere with Azure Arc

10/02-11/02: WEWC2530 Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, ARM Templates & Bicep

11/02: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Azure Virtual Desktop

15/02-16/02: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Modernize .NET Apps

17/02: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Linux OSS Database Migration

17/02-18/02: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: DevOps with GitHub

21/02: WEWC2327 Secure your cloud platform with Azure Security features


  • Data & IA: 

09/02-10/02: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Deliver Integrated Analytics with Azure Synapse

14/02: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: AI Fundamentals

21/02:WEWC2327 Secure your cloud platform with Azure Security features

23/02-24/02: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Data Fundamentals


  • Business Applications: 

09/02: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Training Day: Activate Digital Selling

10/02-08/03: WEWC2419 Demystifying interconnected scenarios across Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

14/02: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Training Day: Build a Resilient Supply Chain

22/02: DKWC045 How to use OAuth, when calling Business Central APIs and web services

24/02: Prosci - Methodology Application Program - Prosci - Methodology Application Program - Virtual Instructor-led Classroom


  • Modern Work: 

09/02: WEWC2311 Introducing Privacy Management in Microsoft 365

09/02-10/02: Enable Frontline Partner Bootcamp

14/02-17/02: WEWC2326 Security Compliance and Identity Bootcamp

17/02: A Deeper Look at Microsoft Defender for Business

22/02-23/02: Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Managing Windows and Surface Devices


  • Licensing & Incentives:

09/02: HPWC081 Co-op Marketing Funds Office Hours

15/02: HPWC084 February FY22 Incentives for Partners driving Active Usage

17/02: HPWC083 February FY22 Microsoft Commerce Incentives Office Hours