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Partner Readiness

Stay up-to-date with training and certifications.


Summary Swiss Partner Readiness

Dear partners

This post is the one-stop shop for any kind of information/link regarding skilling of yourself & your colleagues. 


Learning Paths

Before you start any training, it is highly recommended to define a clear learning path.

Check out the different Learning Paths available per product















Microsoft offers a great selection of live and recorded trainings. Our goal is to help you stay up to date on the topics that interest you most. Most of the trainings are available for free.


  1. Live Trainings: Go to our Swiss Partner Training Calendar to check out the live trainings
  2. Recorded Trainings: Check out the recorded sessions either in the official corp training assets, or the local summary of trainings







Certifications are crucial to stay up to date and for achieving Microsoft competencies.

Individuals need to link their MS learn/MCP Profile to the company profile of the partner. Otherwise the gained certification won’t be recognized for the partner status (silver/gold). 

 Check out the Certification Overview, containing a great summary of certifications available & direct link to the respective exams.






Certification Vouchers


Certifications are an effective mean to stay up to date and ensure a high level of quality. Microsoft is eager to support you as good as we can on this journey. One way to do so is with free vouchers, by following the below steps: 


  1. Go to the Partner Training Calendar
  2. Search for trainings called "Practice Test" or "Virtual Training Days"
  3. Attend the training & a free voucher will be shared with you afterwards

    Please note: those trainings are taken very quickly, once you're on the waiting list, chances are low that you'll be able to attend. 


New Certification Renewal Approach - Starting April '21



Historically certifications expire after two years, and learners must go to a testing center and pass the exam(s) again, to keep their certification. With Certification Renewal, those who have an active certification expiring within six months can renew their certification – at no cost – by passing a renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. This process is then repeated annually, with certified individuals being notified via email when they are eligible to take the renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. The assessment will test learners on the technology updates that have transpired since the certification was launched. This new change is designed to keep technical professionals up to date with the ever-increasing pace of technology updates in an on-demand, friction-free way.


More information: here







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