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Free vouchers for your Microsoft exam - ALL VOUCHERS ARE TAKEN

Dear partners, 


Skilling is key for a company to be successful in the longrun. To give you some reasons on why you should consider doing one or more Microsoft certifications:

  • Keep up to date about latest technologies
  • Use it as differentiator towards your customers
  • Almost all courses are for free
  • More than 500 courses available for you since July
  • Sales plays help you align with the focus topis of Microsoft



Are you already in preperation for a Microsoft certification?

Microsoft would like to support you as a partner and is offering 50 vouchers for free (-100% discount):

  • first-come, first-serve
  • for all exams in this overview, except BETA and Fundamentals exam
  • exam must be taken by 31.03.21




Send us an email to ch-p-r-e@microsoft.com with your name, exam, and date of your planned exam. (max one voucher per person)


We look forward hearing from you!

Your Partner Enablement Team



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