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Where to find active usage metrics for CPOR


CPOR eligible workloads will evolve on October 01. By now I was able to check and download Office 365 active usages by workloads from CPP or the same dashboard in My Insights and I built a Power BI to automatically analyze all customers and calculate potential earnings. But I already was unable to find other M365 or Dynamics ones.

For all new OSU FY21 workloads, were will it be possible to download these active usages reporting files ?


It would also be great if we could know BEFORE starting a claim if this worklaod is already claimed by another partner, even if the customer ought to be able to say it if the project manager has not moved.


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Christian FUMEY | OnLineO | Consultant & Founder | eCoaching Partner Center
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Hey @Andra 


I know this resource, and it is of great help. On this page, you find this :


The new reporting and insights experience is designed to empower you to do your best work by providing access to rich usage information, actionable insights, and incentive information for the customers and workloads you’re associated to through Claiming Partner of Record, or CPOR. With access to this new experience, your organization will be better able to:

  • Track your performance and impact.
  • Uncover opportunities to grow your business.
  • Take action with recommendations from Microsoft.

This confirms that even if the information now available in the evolution of this reporting is of very great value and usefulness, it only concerns customers for whom the partner has already made at least one CPOR claim. I am looking for how to detect ALL CPOR opportunities with ALL clients with which my MPN ID is associated (CSP, DPOR, TPOR, FastTrack, DAP, etc.)


Many thanks for the live event, I registered despite my poor spoken English. I will also post on its page.


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Hey @ChristianFUMEY ,


The Insights dashboard might still be a work in progress, you could address this question also during this live event: Ask Me Anything: Partner Center Insights 

Meanwhile, does this resource help: ?