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Marketing for Win 7 HIPPA Compliance

Since we work with various verticals, are we able to create something that we can send to our Healthcare clients to help push Windows 10? Whether it is to a modern device or simply upgrading their current devices, we want to highlight that Windows 7 is no long in compliance with HIPPA.


Can you please review a piece of marketing that our team came up with and approve if we are able to send? See attached.


Thank you so much!


Stephanie Palmer

Staples Business Advantage - Microsoft Champion


Generally Microsoft does not offer legal advice if & how Partner can send marketing materials and we can not give legal consultation or some general approval here in this community. 


You might better check with your account team if they have some specific advice, maybe they even offer additional marketing materials and whenever you use Microsoft logos and brands, you might want to check the generic guidelines: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/trademarks/usage/general.aspx



Kind regards,