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MSDN Licensing Question

Our Company is a Microsoft Gold partner.  We have 3 locations worldwide

At the moment we receive several Visual Studio Licenses from our competencies:

25 - Gold Application Development

25 - Gold DevOps

10 - Gold ABTK Core (Location 2) - Expire in October 2019

25 - Gold ABTK Application Development (Location 2) - Expire in October 2019

25 - Gold ABTK DevOps  (Location 2)- Expire in October 2019

25 - Gold ABTK Application Development (Location 3)- Expire in October 2019

10 - Gold ABTK Core (Location 3) - Expire in October 2019


The Gold ABTK were purchased in the old partner portal (PMC) as there you were able to buy them per location.


As Microsoft retired the Gold ABTK last year, we need a way to receive the licenses from that package.

As i understood we only can get these licenses by earning new competencies, but from reading the License Tables for Competency Partners we are capped at 150 wordwide and 50 per country. Microsoft live chat were unable to answer us if the licenses we receive from Gold (not ABTK) are per country or worldwide so in case we earn new competencies we might've been capped per country at 50 or we could get another 25 at have 75 in total.


We have the people with certification to get more than one competency (as we do now) in Application Development and DevOps, with Gold ABTK we were able to receive the licenses from that. But now, we cannot. Microsoft Support suggested that we can create a new account (tenant) at partner center and get gold there and then we will able to get the licenses from those competencies.




So im asking for some help in how to optimize our licensing as Microsoft support was not very helpful in that matter. Thanks




Hi @V1ctor,


The additional benefits toolkit, also called ABTK, is being retired as of August 2018. The additional benefits toolkit will not be available when membership management transitions to the Partner Center. Going forward, your organization will need to acquire Microsoft products and services through commercial licensing agreements. After your membership management transitions to the partner center, you may take advantage of a limited-time offer if you have purchased one or more of these toolkits between November 2017 and October 2018 and this may help minimize disruption for your organization. Learn more about the offer at https://aka.ms/AA2r9an.
I hope the information is clear and will help you further. Thank you!
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Hi @Mihai 

Thank you for your answer, but im afraid this won't help. I've already read this description of Limited-time online services and software offer - a dozen of times already 🙂

Can you please suggest anything else?




Hi @V1ctor,


I have checked and this is the general solution. 


Thank you!



Hi Victor,

Thank you very much for posting on Microsoft Partner Community!

I understand you query and I am going to check first and then, me or someone with a greater area of expertise, will come back with an answer.