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Issues with buying licenses for customer

I am consultant that is contracted to be IT-admin for larger company. My company is also the MS partner on record for this customer and has been for many years. 


Now when I am adding/purchasing new Office365 licenses for this customer in their admin portal, I get a message saying "partner ID is invalid". So you can't buy licenses. 


According to MS partner support it's because they cancelled the "Advisor program" januari 31, and if I want to add licenses to this customer I have to do it through the CSP program. 

But the customer needs the new licenses now. It seems extremely strange that it's no longer possible for me (serving on behalf of the customer) to buy licenses for them directly from Microsoft in the admin portal. 


Can this really be correct? And if I look on the customers admin portal my company is listed as partner. In my partner portal I can see the customer. Partner support has said my partner ID is fine and valid. So why can't the customer buy licenses with my company as partner?


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Re: Issues with buying licenses for customer

Good day @IT-consultant-9 ,


Thanks a lot for reaching out on the Microsoft Partner Community!


Frontline advised you corectly regarding the changes to the CSP program. Below I am adding useful information on how to accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

On October 1st, 2019, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Customer Agreement to the CSP program to replace the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. Read additional guidance for indirect resellers.


To facilitate partners' migration to the new agreement, the current Microsoft Cloud Agreement will be supported in the CSP program until January 31st, 2020. Partners can either :

  • confirm customer acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement in Partner Center 
  • invite the customer via a URL to review and accept the agreement in authenticated Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


For a detailed guideline, please review this documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/confirm-customer-agreement.


Thank you,



Re: Issues with buying licenses for customer

@IT-consultant-9 When the support team says that Advisor program was ended Jan. 31, this is the reason you can't buy this way. 

So you would need to enroll as CSP Partner using this guidance: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/enrolling-in-the-csp-program

Then, if you become e.g. Indirect Reseller, you can order the licenses directly from a CSP provider you connect with.


Another issue with the Partner ID could be that you are using the organizational ID instead of the Location ID. Afaik only location IDs would work for the association because it is now required that the Partner has signed the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA), and the MPA status is always connected to a certain location where you enrolled as Advisor or as CSP Reseller.

You should check your Partner Center (Settings) if you use the organisational ID displayed in "Partner Profile" or an location ID.