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Windows 365 and Action Pack

Does anyone know if Windows 365 will be included in the Action pack going forward?


I would like to kick the tires.


or will it be in the Azure benefit?

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These links seem outdated.  The creation date of the PDF for content is dated June 9th 2020.


Since then Windows 365 and Windows 11 have been announced.


Can you provide any plans to include these in the action pack?  It really hasn't seen any updates that I've noticed.

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Hi @jimerb1 ,


How are you?

Please review this documentation, it should direct you to the MAPS page and see fresh information about what is included. 

Microsoft Action Pack Purchase in Partner Center


I hope this helps,


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Hi @Andra,


I have the same question as @jimerb1 above. I'd like to test out the setup and configuration of Windows 365 virtual machines. My Action Pack renewal is coming up in about 2 months. Will Windows 365 be included in Action Pack?


By the way, the link you posted earlier takes me to an error page.

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Hi @reidjim76 


thank for pointing out the broken link. Can you please try this page Action Pack (

Also I see a refererence here to the licenses list: