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Verification rejected - Microsoft partner account

I have created word plugin for my company website and I need to make it available for users. So, I have to do it with Microsoft partner account, but it is rejecting at Employment Verification stage while every details are correct. Exact message is : "We were not able to verify your employment details. Follow below instructions to fix"


I have created support request #2107280010001600 at 7/28/2021, 12:19:02 PM UTC but no reply yet, thus I'm posting it here in forum, if someone from Microsoft can see it and help me. I have provided company registration and employee document in above ticket as well.


I am experiencing first time with Microsoft account stuff, if I'm doing something wrong or missing something then apology in advance and please guide me on that. What I have to do is I have created Microsoft Office Word Add In using JavaScript APIs which needs to go live for users to use.


Thanks in Advance.


Hi @kamran_ahmad 


thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Partner Community!

We can help you forward this case to an internal team for additional checks.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for an update.



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Hi @Andra 


thanks for the reply, I will be waiting for an internal response and hope this will be solved.