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Verification emails not coming through


I am trying to enrol into the Microsoft Partner Network (MVP) but I am not getting the email verifications come through (I am UK based). Have tried this multiple times now. 

Is there a support email I can raise this with? Or can I apply via phone?

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Good day, @jmnetpro ,


Thanks for sharing your experience with the community!

Are you the global admin for your organization or is your organization already a member in Partner Center?

This is likely a frontline support matter indeed, as on MPC we cannot assist with log in issues in Partner Center.

I suggest you look into this resource and use the enrollment links provided there.


The fastest way to reach out to support is by submitting an online case here:

Using this support path:



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Hi Andra,

On the microsoft doc it states ' Before you can create an account on
Partner Center, your company must be a member of the Microsoft Partner
Network. If you're not already a member of the network, you can join now
. '

My issue is that it's not letting me join the Microsoft Partner Network, I
chose which services I would like to be a part of (which I pick Resell and
Deliver) and it verifies my phone number but I never get a verification
code sent to my email so I am stuck. I have tried multiple times.

I can't submit a case using the link provided because I can not become a
member in the partner centre.

What are your thoughts?