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Understanding "max grants" in the IUR license table

I am having problems understanding the two "max grants" columns (for silver and for gold) in the downloadable Word doc titled "license table for comptency partners". 


My confusion about "max grants" ties in with uncertainty about whether a partner company can obtain benefits from the same competency more than once.


For example: 


In the license table it says in multiple locations that the max Gold grants for "Windows Server Datacenter" is 160 per country and 480 globally. But there are only 7 competencies that provide Windows Server Datacenter licenses and they all provide 32 for Gold. 7 x 32 is 224.


So how can one ever reach the maximum global limit of 480?


Unless we can obtain a competency more than once. Then it all makes perfect sense. Can we do that?

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The idea of "max grants" means the number of licenses you are allowed to use, not able to get.

The max grant means even you get full of competency, you can still use the number of max grants.

Before it is equal to the license you are able to get since there is the "Additional Benefit ToolKit".

However, the ABTK is no longer available after the new Partner Center migrated.

Now each competency only provides a single set of license.

Yes, it means the benefit of partners was reduced, but there is no way to complain about it.

MS just change their mind to reduce it on all new renew/apply partner.

They provide the grace period for partners to get the ABTK before migrate and now it all closed.



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Good day @ThomasI ,


Please use the following link to get a better view on how max grants are allowed.


Under License Maximums : These limits define the maximum licenses
partner organizations can have via MPN, regardless of the number of licenses earned through the
combination of core benefits, competency benefits, and Additional Benefit Toolkits for qualifying


Hope this helps!

Let me know if you need any other details


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Hi @ThomasI ,


Thanks a lot for posting on this matter.

This is a good question and I will be more than glad to provide some guidance, let me check with my team in order to get all the answers and some resources, and I will get back to you in 2 working days.


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