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Unable to find Learning Partners - Responsibilities, Resources and Interlink Dependency Details and Updates in Single platform or Article.

Dear Team,


We are unable to find the Learning Partners - Responsibilities, Resources and Inter dependent link (like, MTM, Courseware market place, Content X, or skillpipe or so on) and Sales and Updates in Single platform or Article. 


And how to maintain the data or relation with MCT's and Microsoft or MTM tool or other platform. 


Ex. If we have Cloud competency trainer with us, and he has the knowledge about Other competency can he take the training?  Can we sell the MOC's or other Competency courses also apart from our enrolled competency?


Have to browse a lot. We are unable to get complete details about learning partners in single link. Please guide us. 


A clear roadmap or Resources. Need simple gateway to understand the responsibilities and resources and Manageable platforms for MS learning partner.


Kindly advise us. 


Thanks & Regards,

V Srinivas

Community Manager

Hi @Srini_R ,


Thank you for this feedback!

Usually the Microsoft Partner website is the place to start, where you can find programs, membership information, events and so much more.

Partner Center is the platform where you manage your membership information, including billing, customers, insights etc.


While I can`t offer you a clear roadmap on a whim, I can direct you to some resources.

Please start by reading this FAQ on Learning: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/learnfaq

Then I also suggest you link your Learn ID with your MPN ID and view information in Partner Center, here is how to do it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-sg/help/2966380/link-or-unlink-an-mcp-id-to-or-from-a-partner-organization


Regarding competencies, a person can be certified against a certain exam, that is a requirement for 2 different competencies.



After you have reviewed this information could you please be more specific in what you are hoping to find?




Level 2 Contributor

Dear Andra,


Thank you for the response. 


However, few points are missing from my earlier query. 


One the relationship between MPN - MCT - MTM - Courseware Marketplace. In this we have info on Courseware Market place, but how MPN-MCT- MTM relationship works. How evaluation works. 

Second, can we sell Microsoft products other than our assigned competencies.

Where we can get Monthly updates on MPN? 


Thanks and regards

V Srinivas