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Unable to download license keys: We are unable to validate your request at this point of time.

I subscribed to Action Pack earlier this month and have been invoiced accordingly

However, when I try to download any of the software (Windows Server 2019) or access the product keys, I get a message saying:

We are unable to validate your request at this point of time. One additional step is needed to validate your account. Our account team is on standby and ready to help you. Please contact us with this reference number: 715-123160 and transaction ID: 88401f9b-c7a2-4979-aa9f-1b52327c32fa.

I created a ticket today but was not able to view it under my list of 'open' tickets. Thinking it could be a browser related thing I tried creating a ticket from different browsers and even PCs but still did not have any luck. My Azure Credit is showing up fine though, so I know that the account is atleast partly functional.


Really not sure what is going on but I would greatly appreciate any help.


Community Manager

Hi @lscelso ,


Thanks for the mention!

The only team equipped to support these sort of issues is the frontline support, as the Microsoft Partner Community is not the dedicated partner support channel.

For this error I am not aware of any available documentation or fix.

My suggestion here is to use the same case # and add a note to that ticket, or the person who raised the case and ask for more information (escalate).



Hope this helps,


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The responses I have received from the Support team for this issue have been unbelievable. In a terrible way.


I activated my account on May 7th. Since then, I created a few Azure instances using the credit but nothing else. To check if the keys were working I generated a Visual Studio key but never assigned/activated it.


What I am getting told today is that my access was revoked but I cannot be told why. Also, I am not going to be credited the money back for the action pack because I created the Azure instances and generated the Visual Studio key.


I am beyond frustrated and even worse, do not know where to go or who to talk to about this. There is one Support person who is actually trying to be helpful but I am not sure how much she can really help me.


If anyone here could help me out it would be great.

Community Manager

Hi @allwet ,


Thank you for providing feedback!

Frontline support is the best way to benefit from guidance in this case.

Could you share with me please the case # you have open with support?





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Hi @Andra 


Thanks for reaching out. The latest/current ticket is: SRX620052992884041ID. I actually had a lead/supervisor reach out to me who asked for additional information. What he thinks is that the Verification process is failing and is preventing me from accessing the account correctly. I forwarded that information to him earlier today and am waiting for feedback on that.


Just seems strange. I had to originally go through the verification so that I could purchase MAPS and after the purchase the verification failed. Just want to add that I am really not interested in a refund unless it is the only option. I would rather just be able to use it.


Community Manager



Yes, if there is still verification ongoing, please wait for the final approval.

If the verification failed, then most likely this is the reason preventing you from using MAPS. 

Kindly wait for further instructions from the support agents. I will investigate with an internal team your ticket # and add any additioanl feedback, if the case.




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Thanks @Andra 


I will continue to work with them. The thing that really confuses me is that I did indeed finish verification since it was a requirement to buy MAPS. But in the few weeks after the verification failed again and my access was revoked.