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Trying to renew Silver competency partner membership - stuck at verifying employment, no response (after 5 days!) to two help tickets!

Can anyone help with this?
I created two tickets, one specifically via the "how to fix" link, the other generically using the support blade in the MPN portal.
We have a less than one week left to renew our membership due to a lack of support from Microsoft and no explanation what is wrong.
I am using an email address that matches the primary domain on the tenant and anyway this has not changed since we started our silver competency membership, this time last year.

Yet when I come to renew, there's a problem "failed" when verifying employment status - it makes no sense.

Main ticket number = 2108160040003228

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Hi @Sidkn33 ,


thanks for reaching out, please check your private messages area.



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Hi Andra,
I managed to resolve myself thanks.
For some reason, the use of a support@ email address (despite being the correct domain) was the first problem.
That's despite my using support@ previously without issue.
It should be clear to Microsoft that some users will want to use a generic email address, for the company domain, so that messages can be received centrally and distributed further as required. Why would Microsoft not permit this?
The second problem was the company name. 
We had a branding change which lead to a slightly different company name being preferred, Microsoft didn't like this and rejected our partner status because of it.
The strange thing is that the our partner company name never did match the official company name registered at Companies House UK.
So how/where is Microsoft determining our acceptable company name?! Why was a different, but very similar name, rejected?

More broadly, why are explanations not provided when a rejection is made? This is very poor support.




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@Sidkn33 I am glad to hear you solved this easily.

The relevant guidance is described in docs usually, for example:


If you still experience issues with the process, let me know.


Thank you,