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Stuck at Employment Verification - Please help!


I seem to be stuck at the Employment Verification step. I have opened a support ticket almost a week ago and submitted all the required documents but have received no response.


I have provided:

  • the domain purchase invoice showing clearly that the primary contact's email domain belongs to my company,
  • I have also verified ownership of the domain using a TXT DNS record at Azure Active Directory and uploaded a screenshot in my support ticket,
  • I have also uploaded a screenshot of my Namecheap account showing that the domain's administrative details match my company's name and legal address,

No one has replied to my ticket yet. The MPN call center does not accept support calls anymore. I am not sure what I need to do to proceed.

@Andra could you please help with this? I would really appreciate your input on this.
Ticket ID is 2103150010003470.

Thanking you in advance for your help,


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HI @ahvais ,


We checked internally and it looks like your account has been authorised. Please confirm you received this communication from the assigned support agent. 


Kind regards,


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Hi @Andra 


Thanks for your help, this has now been resolved.

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Hi Alex, 


thank you so much for sharing your case with the community.

Sounds like you added all required documentation to be verified and needs to be reviewed so I forwarded your case internally for more investigations.


Thanks for your patience,


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I am also facing the same issue and have raised a support ticket with all the required information but haven't received a reply. I set the TXT DNS yesterday and that was approved but the status still shows failed. 


@Andra can you please have a look into this for me? Ticket # 2103160040007797