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Solutions Partner - No CSP tier 2 customers, usage, or deployment showing for Modern Work - SMB

None of our CSP tier 2 customers are showing in the Modern Work - SMB membership page. They show on the competencies pages and on the incentives pages, but not solutions partner modern work smb. Strangely, old tier 1 customers that we are no longer associated with and that we didn't move to tier 2 are still showing.


Any other partners that used to be CSP Tier 1 and were forced to Tier 2 last year missing all of their Tier 2 customers from the solutions partner qualification calculations?


I've had a partner center ticket open for this for 2 weeks and they seem to have no idea about the Solutions Partner system (or the different CSP tiers) at all. Every interaction with them seems to result in me teaching them, not them providing anything towards a solution. For example, they insisted I ask my indirect provider for our Microsoft Invoice; predictably the provider refused. Then in the next response, the support person asked for it again. Another example: they insisted that Deployments and Usage growth are only calculated for new licenses that have been sold in the last 12 months.


If any CSP Tier 2 partner that was previously Tier 1 reads this, I would love to know if the Modern Work - SMB calculations are or are not working for you.