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Renewing partner membership

This year we have had the worst experience ever of renewing our partner membership. It's been shocking from start to finish.
Firstly we weren't able to pay with credit card after ongoing problems MS end simply taking payment (for the whole of Europe!). So we paid by bank transfer which MS quickly managed to lose all reference of, then by the time it was actually found (apart from us getting pretty close to losing our partnership) the order we placed had expired? but it was fine that the money was in MS bank account for 2 weeks?

Now we have had to submit the order again to associate it with our payment.
So this is where I've been sent to make a complaint? which also doesn't seem right?
We put a lot of money through MS yearly and this whole pain has not only taken loads of time to sort but has caused considerable uneeded stress our end. Still not 100% sure they'll allocate the correct payment to our account so we can continue the partnership.

What a mess!

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Hi @GrantGHS ,


We really appreciate you sharing this feedback! I will forward it internally.

So you`ve been funded and you have to make the payment again, correct?

There was indeed an issue with payments, raised on the community, which I believe it has been solved. I want to get clear of your current status.


Thank you,


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We paid Jan 19th still not showing in portal. Case open since then ref:2101270040002065