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Remove Azure AD Tenant

I have two Azure AD tenants - the original tenant which I set up CSP and purchased MAPS with - I associated this with the above MPC 


However I want to separate the two as I want to delete A and use to register for CSP / Resellers and use that going forward.


I am trying to separate them by loging in as but although there is a live "Remove" link when I go to Gear Icon => Organization Profile => Tenants when I click on it I get "You are not authorized to perform this operation"

How do I go about separating these tenants?


Hi @Toggenation ,


I suggest checking the following article on how to remove an Azure AD tenant:

Please notice that some requirements must be met, such as having users or unlinking any subscriptions association:

"The following conditions are checked:

  • There can be no users in the Azure AD tenant except one global administrator who is to delete the organization. Any other users must be deleted before the organization can be deleted. If users are synchronized from on-premises, then sync must first be turned off, and the users must be deleted in the cloud organization using the Azure portal or Azure PowerShell cmdlets.
  • There can be no applications in the organization. Any applications must be removed before the organization can be deleted.
  • There can be no multi-factor authentication providers linked to the organization.
  • There can be no subscriptions for any Microsoft Online Services such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, or Azure AD Premium associated with the organization. For example, if a default Azure AD organization was created for you in Azure, you cannot delete this organization if your Azure subscription still relies on this organization for authentication. Similarly, you can't delete a organization if another user has associated a subscription with it."

Additionally you can reach reactive support as indicated by Andra.


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HI @Toggenation 


thanks fro reaching out to the community!

I suggest you contact the support team for this action, you can use this link :