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Partner fee payment, and rollover

Hi all


Don't know if anyone can answer here, but don't know where else to ask.

The MSOL partner payment says they only pay earnings over $200.  Fair enough.

They also say if you haven;'t earned $200 at the end of MS fiscal year, then the outstanding payment is forfeit.


so, if you earn $10 a month, end of year you are owed, but forefit $120.


If you earn $199 a momth, then you get paid at end of each alternative month ($398).    So end of month 12, you still get paid.  Happy days.  But, say, in month 11 you sell a license and earmn $201 and hence get paid in month 11, then in month 12 you earn $199 again. 


Does this month 12 only $199 get carried over to teh next fiscal year?  Or is it forfeit?


Yes - I am in that scenario 😞    And in effect lost $160 becuse I clocked over $200 in month 11!


I have raised a case, and escalated a case, but not had a clear answer from Microsoft! 

- Some say "you didn't make $200 in the month so it carried over" (but it didn't, and I've received multiple payments since then, all correct for FY17 but missing month 12 FY16)

- Some say "its forfiet as you didn't make $200 in the year" - but I did - I was getting payments of >$200 at least every other month, just not month 12 FY16

- Some say "its past 90 days so we can't look at it" - despite me asking as soon as payment was missed - sadly MS seem to delay respone by 2-4 weeks each time and include that in their time lol.


The paperwork is unclear.


i'd expect any earnings for the entire year to be forefit if not reaching $200.  But not for a single month when payments were made throughout the previous year.



So just wondered, if anyone else has had <$200 from month 12 FY16 carried over to FY17 - or is ANY outstanding earning just thrown away?  In which case how unfair!!


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"Once a partner’s cumulative Microsoft Online Services Sell Incentives reach $200 USD (or partner country billing currency equivalent), Microsoft will pay during the next regular payment cycle. At the end of the FY17 program year, calculated amounts below $200 are considered unearned and will be forfeited"



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Thanks, yes thats the line in question.

I believe that is meant to mean earnings of <$200 in the entire year are forfit which is similar to many referral/comission programs.

I don't believe it is meant to penalise regular earners - especially when a sale in the preceeding month (that should be incentivised, not penalised) meant that month 12 became lost earnings.


Hence really seeing if anyone else has been in the same posiiton and whether we're a 1-off or "thats the way it is, tough luck".


In which case this year we will keep a closer eye and stall any new licenses that may **** it up!


Wasn't a problem before MS reduced the comission rates 😞  Take with one hand.  Then the other.  🙂


Thanks for your reply


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Our experience is that whenever the monthly fee amount doesn't meet the $200 threshold, the payment is carried over till the sum reaches 200 or more.

the trick is that if the sum doesn't reach the threshold before the end of the FY, we lose all the bucks.

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Even if you've had other payments in the same fiscal year? e.g. earned  >$2,000 in the FY, got paid in month 11, but only $199 in month 12?  And month 12 is lost.


How *** stupid is that?  Really no incentive to sell in month 11 if you are in the same boat as us 😞


Thanks for taking time to reply