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Partner benefits (cant see LTSC, Server 2019 with desktop experience)

trying for two weeks to resolve and get an answer but nothing, opened case on partnercenter, then they told me to use advisory hours (for what?! i cant see non core versions of server under benefits?) then they blamed windows server team, then they asked for copy of distributors agreement?? so maybe there is no problem but noone working on support is able to give me an answer , so my question is, we have silver and gold competency, but under https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/pcv/partnership/benefits i don't see any nonCORE version of Windows Server 2019, maybe i'm missing something ?





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Till now there is no 2019 Server download available only core!

The Server 2019 Section at Action Pack only shows the key but no download link. At Server Standard section without 2019 there is a key and a download but only core version without desktop experience.


Microsoft, please fix this.


Thanks, Steffen

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I am still having this issue. No matter which software version I choose to download from the partner centre it results in the Windows server GUIless options, and I've been hung up on twice by microsoft... as usual.


Anyone have an update on this?  

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I posted earlier in this message thread about this. Download and install the Windows Server 2019 Essentials. You will get Server 2019 without any of the "Essentials Experience" that you used to see in 2016 and earlier. You will have a desktop. Now, go to Settings, Update, Activation and choose Change Product Key. Enter your Standard product key. There will be some installation and a reboot after which you will have Standard Edition with desktop.

Timothy Daniels
Highway 99 Computers
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I recently decided to try out Windows Server 2019 Essentials from the Action Pack.  It worked pretty nicely and I might end up using it long term.  Just for fun I decided to chage my product key to the Windows Server 2019 Standard, also from the Action Pack.  It did some updating and when it was done I had a fully activated install of Windows Server 2019 Standard with the Desktop Experience.


A bit of a kludge just to get a classic version of Windows Server 2019 going but it worked.

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I am experiencing this exact issue. We are silver competency. Under benefits I see Windows Server 2019 Standard and Windows Server. If I chose Windows Server 2019 Standard all I see are the keys. There is no link for download of an ISO file. 


I've tried Windows Server - that was just a core install no Desktop Expereince. I tried Windows 2019 Evaluation it would not accept my key. I tried a different browser too thinking maybe the page wasn't loading correctly. So as of right now there is no non-core download link avaialble on our Partner page. 


Well, that is a bit of a different issue if you see no download at all.

However, the download link should be available after choosing the language. If it does not not, please open a ticket in Partner Center support.

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I will go ahead and do that. For reference this is what I am seeing (see attachment). And those download links for "Windows Server" every one of them are "core install" with no option during install for "Desktop Experience"


Interesting, the choice for language under Windows Server 2019 is not displayed as it should be. Tested this yesterday - attached screenshot how it should look like.

screenshot IUR download.jpg

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Except even in your screen shot it does not provide a download for Desktop Experience only for Core. I get the exact same issue. Neither WIndows Server nor Windows Server 2019 gives an option for Dekstop Experience only the core versions. I have been forced to use our MSDN subsctription to get a download that works but then I have to use MSDN keys the keys in Partner Dashboard do not work. 

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@ChrisDarrow wrote:

Except even in your screen shot it does not provide a download for Desktop Experience only for Core. 


Server 2019 LTSC download provides for both options. with or without desktop experience.



The semi annual channel are typically core only versions.






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The keys provided by the action pack do NOT work with this version of Windows 2019.  


This thread is now almost a year old and the issue still persists.  It's clear that this is not a bug.  It is intentional.


Why is Microsoft making this so needlessly difficult?  Or does Microsoft simply now forbid it's partners from using the GUI version of Windows Server now?


Also not that afaik there is still a known issue in WS2019 not related to the Partner benefits - when you install the server without provising a key during install, you can not add a key later using the GUI. You need to use slmgr.vbs.


@iloving : No, you can use it. Just tested again, and it still works. If there is any issue with the key open a suport ticket and post the ticket ID here for the other moderators to follow up.

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I switched to IE and it's now working and the download link shows for WIndows Server 2019. Doesn't show in Chrome still though. 



Can you please provide us the bug number or support ticket number. You can also reach me at prdesha@microsoft.com


Thanks and Regards,


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Update on this. It now shows the language drop down however I cannot select anything. I'm almost wondering at this point if it's something up with the website itself. I have a ticket open no response yet. 


2019-03-29 13_26_48-Benefits.jpg


In the benefits section there should be two different entries - Windows Server 2019, and e.g. Windows Server Standard.

Windows Server 2019 is the version with desktop experience (you can choose during setup if you install core or with GUI). I just tested this with a test account, and they are there.

It is true that in the benefits area there is a column that says "Core" - but this refers to the license type (so you got core-based licenses up to the displayed amount), not the installation version - maybe this is where the confusion comes from?


Edit: Just noticed that indeed the download is described as "core" - but it is the same 4.5GB image, it includes the GUI option.


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You can download the evaluation here which can then be activated via retail key.