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Partner account business verification fails, Microsoft support stopped responding, help needed

Hello everyone,


I am currently trying to become a Microsoft partner, but have become a bit desperate to be honest. The onboarding process went well up to the point of business verification. It was first rejected, and after I filed a support request in Partner Center, I received an email requesting both a proof of domain ownership and an official document to prove that my company does exist, the documents not being older than 12 months.

At the time of this request on November 14, I had neither of these documents and explained the reason within the support ticket (2011130040001056), but never got any answer or comment from Microsoft after November 14 until today. The ticket is still open. Posted update/response requests every few days to no avail. My e-mail domain is new so I did not have a registration confirmation or invoice for this. Also my business is already some years old and in Germany you simply don't have or can get a business registration document that's less than 12 months old. You also don't have a business charter or something like that if you are a sole proprietor. I have uploaded the newest official document from 2012 where I last moved my business to a new address, and also a newer fiscal document that proves that I am registered for business tax.

Uploading these documents did not trigger any response from Microsoft.

In the meantime I have read elsewhere that the reason for the initial rejection could be that I am a sole proprietor and the company name that I entered is not 100% identical to my name - the company name includes what I'm doing ("IT-Dienstleistungen") besides my full name. If that's a problem, I can of course drop this descriptive addition when dealing with Microsoft, but I simply don't know if and how I could change it to help my application.


Furthermore, unfortunately, contacting the Partner hotline number 01806/302525 in Germany yields to nothing. Tried it on multiple days and at different times... all it says is that they are experiencing delays, many people are calling and they can't take my call. It's a pity because they charge money (albeit not much) for each call probably even if unsuccessful.


This whole situation is very annoying to me because of the background: Actually I currently am a Microsoft partner within a different company I used to lead together with a partner under a different name. This partner has recently deceased and I need to continue business with our customers under my own name now.  But I can only do so successfully if my own company can get the same partner benefits than I used to have in the past years - access to resources and trainings, Action pack, the ability to sell OPEN and CSP licenses and so on.


I would REALLY appreciate it if someone was able to help me.


(In case someone has also read my posting attached to a different thread with similar topic by another member, I apologize for the inconvenience. Since there was no response there, I hope that I will get feedback with a separate thread.)


Best regards

Thomas Liening

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