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Partner Verification is verified - Developer Verification rejected

Dear Community,


i stuck with the developer account verification (Developer Settings -> Account Settings) for 4 weeks now. My Partner Account was verified (german company). So i send the same documents for developer verification, but i always is rejected during Business verification. No help from Support, they always say, that my Partner Account is verified, but i need the developer account for uploading a Power BI App Template.

No hint what i can do from support. Has anybody solved this problem?

I am very thankful for any help.


Thanks a lot Andy


@AndreasRothmann  - Can you please post your ticket ID?

And can you confirm that the ticket was opened in Cloud Marketplace support team, not in the MPN support team? Attached a screenshot of how to find the right topic in Partner Center - there are also "vetting" topics for MPN and it seems the ticket did land in the wrong team since the answer refers to your MPN account and not the marketplace account.


Marketplace support issue.png 


Kind regards, Janosch
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yes the support ticket (2007120040000164) was initially opened in the wrong category.

It was forwarded to another team, from which i didn't got a response for over one week.


Strange thing is, that when i log in with my work account as developer, i will be forwarded direct to the partner center. Then following message appears:


Sign in with your Microsoft account to continue

We support only Microsoft accounts (Outlook/Live) for registering into the Microsoft Edge program. You are signed in as [my email] which is not a Microsoft account associated with Partner Center. If you believe this is an error, try deleting your browser cookies and then do one of the following:

  • - Sign in with a Microsoft account (Outlook/Live) that is already associated with a Partner Center account
  • - Sign in with a Microsoft account (Outlook/Live) that you’d like to register for a new Partner Center account

Greetings andy