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Partner Solution Designations data not refreshed - Unable to obtain designation and badge

I'm not sure if anyone else is facing issues with data refresh, however, after a long-time planning and working diligently to be ready to obtain a new Partner Solutions Designation as of Oct 3rd, I have been greeted with a Partner Center portal that hasn't refreshed the relevant data and in some cases even removed points in certain skilling areas where my organization and our associated users are definitely still eligible. The downloaded reports show the accurate data, but the dashboards do not and therefore I have no badge or solution designation to show for it.


I already opened a ticket with Partner Center support and they will not escalate the issue and the response was "just wait until October 10th and let us know if you are still having the problem." 


Extremely frustrating after preparing for the October 3rd date and have nothing to show for it...


This is with the Modern Work - Enterprise designation.


Anyone else facing similar issues?