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Partner Pack IUR License Old "Stale" Versions

Hello Community,

I recently made a call to the Partner Support Center to inquire about the change and Upgrade of the IUR licensing format for my account. To give you some background I am a small one-person partner that has been selling since BOS days. I am not a candidate for the silver or gold levels purely from an expense standpoint. The current IUR licenses are the Office 365 E3 program with a very different product inclusion than the new Microsoft 365 program. As a partner, I always sell the E3 program to my clients since the start. I use add-ons to increase the value and security to my clients. I have personally purchased the Phone system at retail to be able to support that product for my clients. I am going top paste the email I sent to the partner center support site and let you know the answer I received was a big fat no without any understanding of what I was talking about. It is much harder to sell the additional products in which are highly incentivised and the focus of Microsofts payment and programs to partners. As all of you are aware when we use these IUR products on our own Businesses day to day it makes us more fluent and able to sell and provide these additional security and other benefits. I did not think I was asking too much as I would have even been partially happy with an upgrade to the current E3 but the current E3 + Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 would be beneficial to providing the proper services to out growing client base. I am not sure if I am posting this to the right place but would like the feedback from the community if I am looking at this from a sensable position or if anyone is aware of other options. 




To whom it may concern. In these Covid times and the last few years I have been presenting, selling and supporting much more Enterprise Mobility + Security E5, Identity Protection, Sharepoint, Azure P2, Microsoft Phone System, Advanced Compliance, Advanced Data Governance, Advanced eDiscovery, and advanced threat protection programs. I am starting to work more with InTune also, and I expect growth there also. The Partner pack includes the old Office E3 (which no longer exists)and Enterprise Mobility + Security E3. I currently pay for my own Microsoft Phone system as I needed to get familiar with clients, so i set one up in my office. The Partner pack includes the old and unavailable Office 365 E3. I would like to be more familiar and use the products I sell to support new clients and end-users in a better way. I don't even have a paid path to "upgrade" my IUR programs if I wanted to. I am writing this request today to see if you can upgrade my IUR licenses to a) the most current Microsoft 365 E3 and Enterprise Mobility + Security E5. Or even better and positioning me to sell and support more advanced products, I would ask for an upgrade to Microsoft Office e5, which includes everything I am selling and investing my efforts in. Thank you for considering the above request, Respectfully. Brett


Thank you for your feedback.

Just a quick note -  Office 365 E3 is still available and being sold in various licensing programs (Office 365 ProPlus standalone was renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps For Enterprise, but O365 E1 or E3 not).

So by having the combination of O365 E3 and EM+S E3 you get almost the same offering M365 E3, only without the Windows E3 license (Thus you get Windows 10 Enterprise, so in fact the only difference is the activation method for WIndows). the cloud services and apps included in O365 E3 are as frequently updated as in M365E3, so there is no difference when evaluating cloud services.


Currently E5 licenses are only provided for certain competencies: 

And E5 features can also be evaluated on the Demos website: 


I personally do not work in MPN program management, so I can not comment on future plans on how internal use rights for software might be extended or not, just wanted to to add a comment that O365E3 is not an "old" product, it is just a form of license not being marketed so often anymore, but still using the most recent services and apps.

Kind regards, Janosch (Note: Leaving role as of March 2023, don't expect further answers. Connect with me via LinkedIn: