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On-Premise Product Support Incidents for Partners

Looking to get some guidance regarding this. As far as we are aware, we get 15 Incidents for On-Premise Product Support through the Silver Competency as we are CSP. I cannot find how or where we go about using these Incidents. If we login in to the Partner Network ( and proceed to submit an incident, it then tells us we do not have a Support Plan and to Add or Purchase one, which we are not going to do as we are supposed to get 15 Incidents under Silver Competency. If we then navigate to the Partner Center Dashboard ( under Support>Partner Support Requests, none of the Programs available for selection relates to On-Premise Support.

Hi @luxfield ,


Just to confirm first , have you looked over this page ?  Especially the On-Prem part:


2. On-premises product support incidents

For on-premises products, there is no On behalf Of (OBO) process, add your support contract and create the support incident with your contact details.

  1. Use any MSA or AAD account to sign-in to the Support for Business portal and Create a support request
  2. You need the support contract Access ID + Contract ID for Partner Product Support Incidents (excludes Signature) to add a support contract - see 2904733
  3. From the Support for Business portal, click Get started then 1. Product Selection and 2. Issue details
  4. Page 3. Support plan is where you add contract or click Buy Now to purchase a support incident. Partner on-Premise Product Support Incidents can be used for the 2 most recent product versions. For older product versions partners must purchase support incidents – see 4032154
  5. If you need to purchase a support incident for an old products version. 1. Select the relevant locale/ country in the bottom left of the page and 2 Use an MSA Sign-in and a credit card to purchase Pay Per Incident (PPI) – see 4490370

Contact Support is your single point of contact for help on all Partner related issues eg MPN program, Licence activation, Partner Center migration, and Technical issues.


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