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No access to my action pack

After a long time (no download I think since 2020) I tried to download software from my actionpack-subscription.


I tried to link from the email-link which was given to me in the mail from microsoft "Your MPN Microsoft Action Pack Subscription is active" from May 2021 (the time I bought the extension). So I clicked on „view and manage your benefits“, but where-ever I go, I don’t get the area where I can download software…


I am logged in with my Microsoft-Account and I can see that I am „global admin“:





In the partner-center I only get four Buttons:





Others are not shown.


On every button I just get explanations after explanations after explanations. And the links just lead me to other texts or at last to the page above again.


In some google-explanations it was shown that there should be much more of this buttons, f.e. „benefits“ etc.


So I tried with a link in one of the 1000 explanations:




What I am doing wrong?


Everywhere I see bad critics about how complicted Microsoft is doing their pages. And I agree. But it seems that my action-pack was not asigned to me at all.


Hope, someone can help.