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Move an MPN location to a new PGA MPN: company split scenario



I would be very interested in best practices or feedbacks on the scenario I'm facing.

I have a top-level MPN account with an MPN ID as the PGA (global account) and several PLA (locations) in different countries.

The operations in one country (corresponding to ~1 or 2 locations) is going to split from the company (group) as a separate company.

Our goal is to carry on with MPN on separate ways as 2 partners: the group and the new company in a specific area.

My worst case scenario is to begin the membership for the new company on a blank page.

I would be pleased to avoid it if possible.

One location has many important things linked such as a CSP account, customers' associations (PAL and CPOR) on Microsoft's 3 clouds products, activated incentives programs, co-sell opportunities.

I'm looking for a tactical way to extract an MPN location to a new v-org/PGA account.

Microsoft provides documentation on a merge scenario. Mine is different.


By the way, I'm searching for documentation on impact for each topic:

- CSP: if I have to change the MPN ID for my indirect reseller CSP (right now it's the MPN ID of the location I'd like to "extract"), what's the impact for my customers and their subscriptions on Azure/D365/M365? my relation with my indirect providers?

- people certified: I guess the link is at the PGA level so the employees would have to relink their account?

- marketplace offers: my guess from the Partner Center is that they are tied to the PGA too, not the location


Thanks for you help.

Best regards.