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Microsoft removing IUR Benefits?

So Microsoft snuck out an email on Friday night advising us of a number of changes to competencies and benefits that are taking effect over the next year or so.


A number of them are a pain but what can you do (for example - Gold Cloud Platform is now 3x the revenue target for 1/4 the IUR credit).


The main concern I'd like to get clarity on is "Changes to competency benefits beginning October 2019." There is a vague phrase that suggests that any IUR benefits will now only be for business development scenarios. In the updated MPN Program Guide (June 2019) it says:


  • "As of July 2020, product licenses included in competencies will be provided for business development
    scenarios. Product licenses for Internal Use Rights (“IUR”) will retire, please use the time until July 1st,
    2020 to plan for this change"

Does this mean what I think it does... that we will no longer be able to use licences obtained through competencies for internal use? How do Microsoft differentiate "internal use" from "business development"?

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I really hope that Microsoft rethinks their decision! I have been a MCT for more than 20 years and partner for over 15 years. Direct or indirect - Microsoft has certainly generated millions of dollars through our
recommendations and projects.

Of course, I can imagine that some so-called partners abuse the IUR. But shutting all partners together can not be the solution - and btw we are also paying for the programs and benefits.


Thank you for your feedback.  Please review the "updates to program change announcements" blog from Gavriella this morning.

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This definitely concerns me as well, Just started my Microsoft partnership journey and this doesn't give me a good feeling about the future of being a partner, especially a small one trying to grow my business.

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I just saw this information regarding IUR aswell. I really hope Microsoft reconsiders this descission as this will severly lower the value of both MAPS and Competencies.


It also looks like they will remove Office 365 E3 that was included in the base benefits of all competencies. (according to this:



Starting in October 2019, we will be updating the product licenses included with competencies. Upon renewal product licenses included will be specific to technology associated with the competency you attain. For the latest in product licenses available with your competency, please review the competency benefits table preview. Additional licenses can be purchased through commercial licensing to run your business.


We have identified that Office 365 E3 was accidentally left off the competency benefits table preview.  We will be updating it by end of day tomorrow. 


Office 365, E3 will be included in the following competencies:

  • Collaboration and Content
  • Communications
  • Messaging
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Small to Mid market Cloud Solutions



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Yes, but we cannot use the Office 365 E3 or any other license as an IUR License after July 2020.




Competency will continue to have some product licenses included that will be specific to the technology area of the competency attained. Product licenses included with a competency are for partners to use on business development scenarios such as testing, demonstration purposes, solution/services development purposes, and internal training.  You can also download and refer to the Microsoft Partner Network programs guide for details about program benefits and product license usage. 

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I had the same email and concerns as we make a lot of use of these licences.


I raised a support ticket on Monday on Partner Center to get clarification, but of course I have not recievd an answer yet.