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Microsoft Office e5 plan, included as benefit with silver membership, phone system setup

Hi Everyone,

The Silver level benefits with our partner account include 25 seats  "Office365 E5" but when I go to redeem them in our tenant, they redeem as "Office365 E5 without conference calling."      


My question is this - does "Office365 without conference calling" include all the licensing we need to setup phone service for our users?    As of now, our users are using E3 plans, with a la carte paid plans for "Phone system" and "Domestic calling plan."    


I see that we also have access to "Skype for Business Conference calling" in our plan, so that can be added and perhaps "makes up" for the fact that the E5 is redeeming "without conference calling."


If anyone can shed some light on this - would sure appreciate it!


These links seem to help a little, but I'm still thrown off on whether "Skype for Business Conferencing" plus the "Office365 e5 without conference calling" will provide us with a complete phone system service,







Even though this  is an old thread, answering for completeness 🙂

Office 365 E5 without conferencing does still include the phone system, but no calling plans.

So you would need to add the Audio-Conferencing AddOn to provide a dial-in number for audio conferences (for every user setting up a meeting where dial-in via phone should be possible - if all attendees have the Teams app no addon license is required)

And for having a complete phone system you will also need to obtain calling plans for each user, each calling plan includes a certain amount of included minutes, additional minutes can be obtained via communication credits.


If you now have E3 + phone system + calling plan, you do not have PSTN-based audio conferencing currently.


Note that it might be that in the O365 admin portal no calling plans will be visible as AddOn after you enable the IUR licenses for E5 - this is due to the fact that AddOns will only be displayed if there is an eligible license in the same license channel. So you might need to first obtain a single O365 E5 plan directly on the website, the add e.g. 25x Calling plans - after that you can cancel the additional E5 license.

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Hi Janosch Ulmer,  We have a similar situation in that Our E5 Plan through our Gold Partner Status suggested that it is office 365 E5 without audio conferencing.  However were we differ is that we are already in a contract with our current Hosted telephone system and therefore wanted integrate it so that we could use Teams as our collaboration tool however this obviously requires the Dialler to be present within teams.  Can you confirm what I need to do here to make this happen?


This sound like you will need to implement direct routing for Teams:

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What is the the best way to get Power BI Pro and Delve Analytics. What are the benefits of getting Enterprise E3. Does Enterprise E5 includes Power BI Pro.




A new thread would have been better, however:


Power BI Pro is included in Microsoft 365 E5:

As Partner internal use software you get PowerBI Pro standalone when you have Productivity competency: 


Delve is included in every Office 365 Plan:

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