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Microsoft Action Pack / Office 365 E3: different license period


as MS Partner with Microsoft Action Pack (MAPS) you get a credit for 5 users for MS Office 365 E3. We have been using this for some time now.

We now have the following situation:

  • Office 365 E3 expires on March 3, 2019
  • MAPS will only expire on May 1, 2019.

In the new Partner Portal MAPS can only be renewed after the 1st of May ( Thus, I have until then no key available to extend Office 365 E3.

What should I do to prevent Office 365 E3 from being disabled between March 3 and May 1?


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Yes, same problem here too!

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I'm in the same boat -- Office 365 E3 subsciption expires prior to Action Pack newal date.


Anyone successfully navigate through this situation where the Office 365 subscription expires prior to being able to renew the Action Pack?


Is there action we must take so our Office 365 E3 licenses don't expire prior to our being able to renew our Action Pack subscription and obtain the new Office 365 subscription key?


Do our Office 365 subscriptions go into a "renewal grace period" so we retain use while we're waiting for our Action Pack renewal date?





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Hi @TStanke ,


Sorry to hear you are also facing this challenge.

Have you already talked to a Support Agent about this matter ?

Typically this is the quickest way to get a tailored solution for you, until the Anniversary - Date.


I would also like to highlight the fact that there is work done around implementing a Partner BOT to address some of these issues in real time.

You can find out more by attending this live event.  


Kind regards,


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Same issue, have you found a solution?

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Different dates but exactly the same problem here.

tnx for help

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Same here!

Microsoft, please advice how to proceed here!