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MS Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

My Company has a Gold Partnership and 60 Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Customer Engagement
Gold Core licences, is Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Customer Engagement?

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No, I didn´t get an answer yet.

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if you need clarification go to Technical Presales & Deployment Services . I had yesterday a very good session with an advisor from microsoft who answered all my questions regrading the IUR licences for dynamics and helped me with the initial setup, this was very helpful

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Hi @JohnnyThunder , did you get a clarification on that topic?

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Hi @JohnnyThunder,


I am following up on this thread to see if you managed to find a response.

If you are still looking for information, I suggest you submit a case to support.

Typically Frontline Support can offer this kind of information.


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Hi @Andra ,

are you aware of any guidance for partners how to setup and leverage their Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Customer Engagement Benefit? To be honest i have no idea where to start. Would be so great to have a short getting started guide here. 



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Thanks for the mention!

I`m not an expert on this, however you might find some useful information here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4521800/business-applications-consultations

Otherwise, I would suggest the same, to reach out to support.